Hello and welcome to the official website of Burgeonvest Miller Group for financial advising. We are the leaders among financial advisers in the state of Ohio. With plenty of experience in new age financial tech and markets, we can be your safe haven for all finance-related issues. 15 years of experience in doing business with high-tier clients is a fact which speaks for itself so we won’t bother you with that anymore. If you want to learn more about our company, please feel free to read our About page. On the other hand, if you want to book a meeting or you would like to ask, suggest or make an official inquiry, please feel free to use the contact form on our Contact page.

With that being said, this is our homepage so it is only logical to give you some insight on what exactly are we doing and how is our cryptocurrency project coming along? So, without much further adue let’s start with the informative section:

BurgeonCoin release date slightly delayed

The official release date for our very own cryptocurrency called BurgeonCoin was initially set for 27th July 2018. However, after a series of meetings and analysis of our current progress and workload, we have decided to change our general course of action. All this resulted in a slight delay in the release date. More precisely, the new release date of BurgeonCoin is set for April of 2020. The decision is not final and we will make sure we notify our clients about the exact date when we have everything ready.

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But why?

During those series of meetings and thorough analysis of the work we had done so far, several key conclusions were made… First of them being the fact there’s no possible way to make the deadlines for 27th July 2018. Sure, we could meet the deadlines but we’d have to eliminate several key functions for the launch day. ICO sales wouldn’t suffer, but the lack of those key functions would’ve made our cryptocurrency prone to pumping and dumping. We’ve already made it clear – that’s not what we’re after with BurgeonCoin. All we want is to give our clients that extra bit of flexibility (and comfort) while working with us. And all thanks to the amazing blockchain technology and our very own cryptocurrency.

Online trading is an up and coming financial system too. In fact, many of our clients are demanding more information regarding it. eToro, as one of the leading websites, is a great place to start. It’s not exactly cryptocurrency, but it’s still a worthwhile shot if you’re looking to boost your financial status. Feel free to check out a dedicated eToro review here. But, enough about our cryptocurrency and ongoing business practices. As most of you guessed – that’s not what Burgeonvest Miller Group is all about. In fact, you can get more information about the team behind Burgeonvest Miller Group in the section down below!

Our most prominent team members

Kyle Shackles IllustrationKyle Shackles

Mr. Kyle Shackles is responsible for the legal part of our company. He leads the team of our junior legislation members who are working hard to keep everything about our business legislative and transparent. His expertise in law practices in and out of the USA makes him an invaluable member of the Burgeonvest Miller Group. Master of Law – a nickname given to Mr. Shackles by his own team members speaks enough of his competence for the role. Mr. Kyle Shackles’ diploma is coming from Yale Law School where he graduated with all recommendations and joined our company shortly after college.



Karen Terrance IllustrationKaren Terrance

Karen is another senior member of our company. She was with us from the very start, more precisely – she is one of the co-founders. Karen graduated from Ross School of Business, the University of Michigan where she was labeled as one of the hottest prospects for the business market. Managerial roles are the only thing she pursued in her career, managing the HR departments in 3 advisory companies before joining Burgeonvest Miller. Once Karen got here, she was given complete control of internal human resources as well as our outside partners. Needless to say, Karen is doing a great job!


Rebecca Miller IllustrationRebecca Miller

Burgeonvest Miller Group… If you wonder where we got the Miller part, the answer is – Rebecca! With the leave of Mr. Gregory Burgeonvest, Rebecca Miller took the role of our CEO. Under her iron fist, we’ve been working for 2 years short of a decade. Even though the majority of our company wanted a proper name change, Rebecca Miller couldn’t stray off from the old one. “It’s just the way it is…” she’d always say upon being asked why we’re not Miller Advisory Group now. She graduated from Bates College back in 1999. and wanted to form her own company ever since her graduation day.


Plans for the future

Since we’re heavily oriented on keeping our business sustainable by looking at the grand scheme of things, it’s only logical for us as a company to have big plans for the future. Some of them are ongoing projects while others will start in the foreseeable future. One way or another, here is a quick list of our plans and basic explanations for each of them:

Bringing top-level service to our clients

Ever since the very beginnings of Burgeonvest Miller Group the main goal was simple – create optimal financial growth for our clients. That’s our motto and basically our marketing plan. Word of mouth works like a charm… and it’s the most influential marketing type in the industry. Successful projects with clients speak for themselves and bring more and more clients to the table. This resulted in us having to expand our team of experts 3 times since our establishment. And we are talking about huge expansions with entire task groups being created along with new offices. These are necessary for us to be able to maintain the work volume we’re enjoying at the moment. As a matter of fact, the initial assessment for this quarter suggests we will have to make another expansion by the end of the year.

Continuing our work on BurgeonCoin

Even though our cryptocurrency release date has been delayed for another year or so, that doesn’t mean we will delay its development too. It’s quite the contrary actually – we want only the best technology available. In fact, we want to create a self-sustainable infrastructure that would aid BurgeonCoin in becoming a stable cryptocurrency. What’s important for our potential clients to know is that this won’t be another one of those pump and dump systems. We’re not trying to create a Ponzi scheme here. Nope! BurgeonCoin will be a fully-fledged payment method in our working environment, giving us and our clients additional business flexibility. As we already said above, we can’t go into too many details right off the bat but there’s still one thing you can bet on – we will continue developing it until we get it 100% right and ready for the market!

Expanding our team of experts

Just like we mentioned above, expanding our team of experts is something we have to do every now and then. The finance industry is demanding and highly competitive so we must keep a good score with our clients in order to stay competitive on the market. It’s tough, there’s no denying that… but thanks to our highly skilled and nothing but professional team leaders, we are managing it just fine. Not to brag, but our current successful project (read client) count in the first half of 2018 is 23. That might not seem like a lot but I can assure you it is, especially considering the fact that number is basically half of our employee count. The next expansion is scheduled for November this year and is going to be lead by our General HR Manager, Mrs. Karen Terrance.